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It all began with an idea in the gym, where Tom, Jack, and Tom found themselves immersed in a discussion about the persistent issues they faced with Whey protein, notably its impact on their skin and stomach. The available alternative, plant protein powder, presented its own set of challenges, notably an unappealing chalky and grainy texture that made it a reluctant daily drink.

"Surely we aren't the only ones," they said. And indeed, they weren’t. Many others were on a constant hunt for a good tasting plant protein. This shared struggle sparked a determination in them to create a revolutionary change in the plant protein world. Their vision was clear: formulate a delicious, effective, and nourishing plant protein powder that catered to people from all walks of life.

The journey was far from smooth. Balancing University with the demands of starting a business was a tough job. Long nights, endless research, and countless hours of brainstorming became a ritual. From the help of expert food technologists, they tested potential formulas for a long time. Feedback from potential customers of various ages and genders was gained over this time which was very valuable, ensuring the product was loved as much by others as it was by them. The feedback was common for both flavours: they had Nailed It.

So, 2 years later.... with recipes perfected and confidence in their stride, they were ready to introduce their creations to the world.

Join us on our journey, as we have more exciting products coming.

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